Fall Plant Sale

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September 21, 2013 - September 22, 2013
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

TBG Greenhouses

Fall is a great time for planting! Stop by to peruse our sale and take advantage of our expert advice! MEMBERS RECEIVE 10% OFF! Scroll down for items for sale, top 10 perennials, and FREE workshop info!

2013 Oak Openings Natives for Sale

Andropogon gerardii | Big Bluestem
Aquilegia Canadensis | Columbine
Asclepias syriaca | Common Milkweed
Aster novae-angliae | New England Aster 
Cephalanthus occidentalis | Button Bush
Desmodium canadense | Showy Tick Trefoil
Eragrostis spectabilis | Purple Love Grass
Eupatorium perfoliatum | Boneset
Koelaria macrantha | June Grass
Lobelia cardinalis | Cardinal Flower 
Lobelia siphilitica | Blue Lobelia
Monarda punctata | Dotted Horsemint 
Pycanthemum virginianum | Mountain Mint
Penstemon digitalis | Foxglove Beard-tongue
Schizachyrium scoparium | Little Bluestem 
Silphium terebinthinaceum | Prairie Dock
Solidago Rigida | Stiff Goldenrod
Sorghastrum nutans | Indian Grass
Vernonia gigantea | Ironweed 
Veronicastum virginicum | Culver’s Root

Oak Openings Natives
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TOP 10 TBG Perennials

1) Schizachryium scoparium | ‘Prairie Blues’  

‘Prairie Blues’ is a hybrid of our common native grass – Little Blue Stem.  Narrow grey blue leaves are topped by silvery seeds heads in the fall.  It remains stiffly upright providing great winter interest, golden orange in color.  It grows in nearly any soil including clay and is drought tolerant once established.   Use this grass for vertical height accent and winter interest.  Cut back in early spring to 3” to 4”.  Height 3’ Space 18” Full sun is best.  Pair with sedums.

 2.  Hosta | ‘Strip tease’

2005 American Hosta Grower’s “Hosta of the Year”. The distinctive white line bordering the dark green margin and yellow green center gives this medium to large sized hosta its name.  Flowers are violet. Best in part shade to shade. Avoid afternoon sun.  It prefers moist soil.  Height 20” Space 36” Pair with ferns and astilbes. .  Nice as a single specimen or use in a drift of 3 to 5 plants.

3. Cimicifuga ramose | ‘ Hillside Black Beauty’

Deep purple-black leaves in a clump are topped in late summer by tall spikes of fragrant, light pink or white flowers.  A native hybrid.  Use this plant as a back of the border accent.  Grows best in evenly moist soil in part shade to shade. Protect from strong winds. Best purple color is in partial shade.  Height 4-7’ Space 3-4’. Will take time to establish.  Pair with yellow or lime green hostas or drifts of ferns.

4.  Hosta | ‘Cameo’

A mini hosta with a perky personality.  Small round green leaves with a cream- white margin.  Grow in partial to full shade in moist soil.  Avoid afternoon sun.  Height 6” Space 12”.  Good for edging, or as a groundcover. Equally nice for a trough garden.

5. Carex morrowii | ‘Ice Dance’

Missouri Botanical Garden Plant of Merit –  This clump forming, slow spreader is grown for its green and white striped, strappy foliage.  Grows in part shade to shade.  Easily grown in average to moist soil.  Cut back in early spring just as new growth begins to appear.  Good as a ground cover or border plant.  Pair with hostas.  Height 12-16” Space 18-24”

6. Miscanthus sinensis | ‘Morning Light’

Royal Horticultural Society award winner.  Finely textured narrow silver-green leaves form a graceful upright arching clump that glows when backlit by the sun.  Bronze red plumes fade to cream.   Good winter interest.  Use as a single specimen, or in the back of the border.  Mass for screening.  A full sun ornamental grass that grows easily in well drained soil.  Cut back to 3-4” in early spring.  Height 4’ Space 3’ Adds structure and texture to the garden.

7. Chasmanthium latifolium | ‘River Mist’

This variegated northern sea oats has green and white striped bamboo like foliage.  Does well in sun or shade.  Oat like seed heads on arching stems are attractive and good for arrangements.   Reseeds readily in green form.   Clump forming. Height 30-36” Space 24-36”  Mass in naturalized areas or perennial borders.  Cut back to ground in mid-winter.

8. Astilbe hybrid | ‘Fanal’

Royal Horticultural Society award winner.  Blooms in early spring with bright red plumes above mahogany foliage.  Foliage greens in summer. Very vigorous grower.  Needs ample, consistent moisture especially if grown in sun.  Part Shade to Full Sun.   Height 20” Space 18-20”  Pair with hostas and ferns.

9.  Hosta | ‘Goodness Gracious’

Wide spreading clump of large, heart shaped, dark green leaves with very wide yellow margins.  Excellent as a single specimen or focal point.  Part Shade to Full  Shade.  Easily grown in average, moist soil.  Height 20” Space 28”  Compliments blue leaved hostas.

10.  Veronica – Speedwell | ‘Sunny Border Blue’

Bright violet blue spikes are held above dark green crinkly foliage.  Blooms over a long period.  Easy grower in average well drained soil with regular moisture.  Stunning with anything yellow.  Part Shade to Full Sun   Height 18-24”  Space 15-20”

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Fall Plant Sale Workshops

Saturday, September 21
10:30pm | Mary Visco, TBG Horticulturist | “Designing with Ornamental grasses”
12:00pm | Dr. Helen Michaels, Professor at BGSU | “Invasive Plants of Ohio”

 Sunday, September 22
12:30 pm | Hal Mann, Newsletter Editor/ Webmaster of Wild Ones | “Introduction to Native Plants”
2:00 pm | Candace Sarikonda, Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist | ”Wild for Monarchs”