Children’s Education: Field Trips

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Teachers, day care providers and summer camp counselors are fortunate to have two varieties of educational fertilizer to enrich students’ minds, both at one beautiful location!

  • Early Sprouts Program: plant & science-based education
  • Growing Science Program: plant & science-based education
  • Pioneer Living Program: social studies-based education

Field trips are available for children preschool through 6th grade and can be held anytime from 9 am – 3 pm, Monday through Friday. While all seasons of the year are beautiful at TBG, spring is certainly the most popular field trip time. We encourage you to reserve your April or May field trip dates during fall of the preceding year. A well kept secret is that September and October are absolutely beautiful times for a field trip and reservations are lighter, so your choice of dates is better.

Program details are below.

Early Sprouts

Specifically designed for ages 3 – 5, these 90-minute programs are literature-based and include a story, games, and a garden hike.

Waiting for Wings
The wonder and mystery of butterflies is introduced as we learn new things about these beautiful friends of the garden! How do they see? Can they smell? How do they find their way home? Games and activities will lead young learners to these answers and more! Fall is a beautiful time to see a large variety of butterflies.

Nature Detectives
What’s different about the leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits of different plants? How can we use the clues left behind to discover what critters are living in our garden?
Young detectives will need to use all of their senses to explore “same and different” as it applies to the world of nature!

The Tiny Seed
Follow the journey of a tiny seed as young artists create a masterpiece that tells a story! They will identify plant parts, explore seed dispersal and discover how important plants are to the circle of life!

Weather or Not
Hot, cold, cloudy or windy, the garden survives. Young meteorologists will gather data to create their own action news weather report, as they look for signs of the seasons throughout the Garden.

Growing Science

These two-hour programs are for grades 1 – 6 and include indoor activities and experiments, as well as outdoor explorations.

Beaks & Blooms
We could have called this plant science 101! Using inquiry based games and activities, students will discover the interdependence of plants and animals as they investigate seed dispersal, pollination, and reproduction.

Nature Profiler
As students investigate, their observational skills will be honed in these exploration activities. As they compare and contrast the characteristics of plants and animals, the participants begin to discover the how’s and why’s of the scientific classification of plants and animals. This program can be presented year-round.

Pond & Beyond
The ponds at TBG become the outdoor lab as students collect and test samples. Using simple testing equipment and microscopes, students assess the water quality and evaluate the importance of protecting this critical resource.

Worm’s Eye View of Dirt
This activity starts at the “ground level” of life at TBG. Students get down and dirty collecting soil and insect samples outdoors. Budding scientists will then use microscopes to identify decomposers and evaluate the soil quality as they learn an appreciation for the beauty of dirt. This program can be presented year-round.

Pioneer Living

Two hours in length, these trips are held at the historic Peter Navarre cabin on the grounds of Toledo Botanical Garden.

Pioneer Life
Social Studies come alive as students journey back in time to experience life in the early 1800’s. They’ll start with early morning chores; using antique tools to haul water, cut wood, churn butter and grind corn. When the work is done, we’ll make a pioneer toy and play pioneer games! Young explorers will use lots of imagination as they spend a few hours living like the early settlers. Be prepared for any weather, as the cabin is authentic and much of the time is spent outdoors.

Offered only as a follow up to Pioneer Life, students can return for more in-depth projects. This session allows each young homesteader to make and take home a bar of soap, a corn husk doll, and a candle. They will also try carding wool to prepare it for spinning and using a drop-spindle to make yarn (best suited for Grades 3-6). An additional $3 materials fee will be added to the cost per student for this program.

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