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Creating Your Own Container

March 17, 2010

Creating your own hypertuffa can be a rewarding process. The look of concrete or natural stone can be imitated using a mixture of simple ingredients that allow the material to be molded to a desired shape. The mixture can also be sculpted during the curing process. Several retail garden centers sells hypertuffa planters for use as a faux‐natural planter. Depending on the level of detail and size these planters have a dramatic range in price.

Hypertuffa planters are commonly associated with succulents. The unique color contrasts, variety of habits, and ability to withstand drought provided by succulents make this combination highly successful. In addition to succulents; hypertuffa pots and dish planters make a great foundation for bonsai and alpine plants. The one caveat to these containers is that they are made with Portland cement which has an extremely high pH and creates an alkaline leachate and acidifying agents like greenleaf compound or muriatic acids should only be used as a crutch. Treating the planter with vinegar can also help control the pH.

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