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Design a Theme Garden Good Enough to Eat

March 01, 2010

Theme Gardening

The concept of theme gardening is the unification of your landscape with a commonality of plant or design elements.

Considerations for determining the design intent or theme can relate to:

  • Foliage or Flower Color
  • Intended use of the Fruit or Vegetable Specific Recipes
  • Interesting Architectural or Structural Elements
  • (Hardscapes) Origin of Plant Materials

Picking Out the Perfect Plant Materials

When designing a theme garden plant material is the pinnacle of your success. Determining the right plants for your concept requires a little bit of research before you run off to the local greenhouse to select from a wide assortment of crops….

Elements to consider include but are not limited to:

  • Site Adaptability
  • Overall Size and Shape of the Plant Material Harvest Time
  • Disease and Insect Susceptibility
  • Flavor of Fruit, Veggie, or other Edible Plant Parts Fertility Needs

Download the full Article (.pdf) here to learn more about Theme Gardening

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