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Early August Checklist

August 08, 2013

- Apply supplemental water to the garden if there has not been an inch of rain in the previous week. Remember: plants in hanging baskets dry out faster than plants in the ground.

- Fertilize roses for the last time this year.

- Sow seeds of biennials, such as Canterbury bells and foxglove.

- Cut down raspberry canes that produced fruit earlier this summer.

- Allow a few green peppers to turn red before harvesting.

- Ripen tomatoes on the vine, not the windowsill.

- Take cuttings of begonias, coleus, and impatiens for winter houseplants.

- Cut gladioli spikes with as few leaves as possible.

- Dig, divide, and move daylilies after they have completed their bloom.

- Harvest tomatoes when their color is fully developed.

- Plant collards, kale, and turnips for the fall garden.

- Control weeds before they go to seed.

- Share the bounty of your garden with those in need of food.

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