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Early September Checklist

September 03, 2013
  • Plant trees, shrubs, and ground covers this month.
  • Establish a small grain cover crop on empty vegetable garden space.
  • Begin moving houseplants indoors.
  • Compost non-diseased garden debris.
  • Potatoes are ready for harvest when their tops begin to turn brown.
  • Order spring-flowering bulbs now.
  • Have your soil tested before applying lawn fertilizer.
  • Test grapes for ripeness by tasting.
  • Allow gourds to remain on the vine as long as possible without exposing them to frost.
  • Water evergreens when the soil dries.
  • Ripen green tomatoes away from the sun.
  • Harvest seeds of dill, coriander and caraway by hanging stems with the seed heads enclosed inside a paper bag.
  • Aerate the lawn where soil is compacted.
  • Cure pumpkins for two weeks at 75 to 80 degrees F before storing them.
  • Broken and diseased branches may be removed; delay other pruning until early next spring.
  • Record gardening successes and failures now for reference next growing season.
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