Current Projects & Future Growth

Current Projects

Lake Renovation Project (click here for updated pictures)

Hill Ditch is a perennial stream that flows west to east through the center of Toledo Botanical Garden.

The current Crosby Lakes are two man-made lakes within TBG that were created through the installation of two dams in 1988. Over the past 24 years the lakes have trapped an estimated 28,000 cubic yards of sediment. Many areas of both lakes have filled in, causing banks to erode, islands to form and invasive plant species to get established.

TBG is receiving an Ohio EPA 319(h) Nonpoint Source Pollution Control grant to implement the Crosby Lakes and Hill Ditch Restoration Project. The objectives of this project are to:

§         Improve the biological & chemical water quality

§         Restore a natural stream channel

§         Expand and/or enhance wetlands

§         Enhance portions of Crosby Lake

§         Create a sustainable system

Click here for a link to more information about the Lake Project.

Future Projects

Toledo Botanical Garden’s 2008 Master Plan

Toledo Botanical Garden’s Children’s Garden Plan