Recent Projects & Future Growth

Recent Projects

Artists’ Village Storm Water Project

The Artists’ Village is a dedicated space that serves as an inspiring center of creativity for several resident artist guilds and the Garden’s own Hands-On Studio.  The space includes a network of sidewalks for visitor use that have recently been transformed to include a storm water demonstration area.

Funded by a combination of an Ohio EPA 2012 GLRI Storm water Demonstration Grant, a grant from the LaValley Foundation, and support from private donors, the project achieves multiple goals. This newly redesigned space demonstrates to the general public the importance of water quality and just how easy it is for each of us to do our part.  Signage in this space explains the significance of each feature, and it is hoped that people understand their ability to reproduce some project features, even on a small scale in residential environments.  The primary benefit of the new features is to eliminate or significantly lessen the volume of storm water runoff that enters the sewer system.

By removing four storm water catch basins and installing permeable pavers and a rain garden, storm water no longer runs across sidewalks and into the storm water system.  The pavers and garden capture the water, slowing it down and filtering out harmful pollutants, thereby keeping them out of nearby streams, rivers and lakes.

In particular, the rain garden is easily duplicated.  Well-designed rain gardens are:

  • Functional
  • Beautiful
  • Contribute to a healthier environment
  • Can be tastefully incorporated into many landscapes.

Be sure to stop out and visit our new installation for a little inspiration as you consider your own landscaping plans.

Lake Renovation Project (click here for updated pictures)

Hill Ditch is a perennial stream that flows west to east through the center of Toledo Botanical Garden.

Crosby Lakes were two man-made lakes within TBG, created through the installation of two dams in 1988. Over the course of 24 years the lakes trapped an estimated 28,000 cubic yards of sediment. Many areas of both lakes filled in, causing banks to erode, islands to form and invasive plant species to get established.

In 2011, TBG received an Ohio EPA 319(h) Nonpoint Source Pollution Control grant to implement the Crosby Lakes and Hill Ditch Restoration Project. The objectives of this project were to:

  • Improve the biological & chemical water quality
  • Restore a natural stream channel
  • Expand and/or enhance wetlands
  • Enhance portions of Crosby Lake
  • Create a sustainable system

Click here for a link to more information about the Lake Project.

Future Projects

Toledo Botanical Garden’s 2008 Master Plan

Toledo Botanical Garden’s Children’s Garden Plan