In-Class Ideas

If a field trip is not feasible for your class, we also offer In-Class Presentations from September – March. These one hour programs include hands-on games and activities, all done in the comfort of your own classroom. In-Class Presentations also work well as a preview or follow up to a TBG Field Trip. These hands-on programs are designed for a single class, we are limited by our class supplies to a maximum of 30 students per presentation.

The program fee is $50.00 per class, plus $.50 per mile mileage fee.


Current opportunities include…

  • Big Mouths! (Grades 2-6) Team activities are used to emphasize the adaptations that help animals survive. Students investigate beak adaptations in birds as well as mouth parts on insect.
  • Sounds Good! (Grades K-4) Animals communicate using distinct sounds. In this presentation, students will redefine listening as they identify animals by their sounds.
  • A Wealth of Water (Grades 4-6) This team activity challenges students to think about our water supplies throughout the planet. Play money is used to discuss water distribution percentages and teams “invest” their money as they learn about this important natural resource.
  • Resource Pizza (Grades 3-6) Gardeners and conservationists alike agree that much of what we throw away as trash could be utilized to improve and enrich the soil. In this activity, students create a trash pie and discuss ways to reduce trash and fortify our soil.
  • The Truth about Pizza (Grades 2-4) Do you know the secret ingredient in pizza is soil? Teams are given samples of foods and asked to use the food web to follow each ingredient back to where it all begins, the dirt!
  • Introduction to a Garden (Preschool & Kindergarten) Using literature, puppets and toys, youngsters are introduced to the wild world of vegetables and animals that live in a garden.
  • Native American Sign Language (all ages) Our pioneer heritage is closely linked to our relationship with the Native Americans. Students teach each other as they communicate with sign language while telling a story about pioneer life in the 1800’s.


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