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Rose Nutrients & Pest Management

August 12, 2012

In order to have healthy plants, you need to be willing to take care of them. The same goes for roses. They need a significant amount of nutrients each year and require the correct nutrient level, to encourage growth and blooms.

  • Alternate high nitrogen fertilizer early in the season with a fertilizer high in phosphorus for the blooming season. Feed your roses every two to three weeks or as needed.
  • Prune away excess stems and leaves to allow all the nutrients to feed the main stem.
  • During the hot summer,moisture-loss and weeds that drain nutrients from the soil are healthcare issues. Make sure you water a lot in the summer, especially if there is limited rainfall. Be sure to soak the ground around the base of the plant.
  • Winter problems include moisture-loss and temperature conditions, which affect the plant’s stems and root-system.
  • Use organic mulch around th ebase. This will turn into nutrient-rich compost overtime.
  • Spray or dust plants with quality pesticide to maintain and prevent insects, insect larvae, eggs and fungal diseases from attacking the rose. Plants are susceptible to disease during
  • high humidity and damp conditions, due to heavy rain.
  • Make sure you alternate the insecticides o that the insect will not develop resistance.
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