Enjoying Your Visit

Toledo Botanical Garden is open free to the public year-round. Your visit to the Garden can be a brief break for fresh air or an entire day of exploration. We welcome you to enjoy walking, birdwatching, picnicking, reading, photography, drawing, or simple relaxation amidst the beauty of nature.

Our main visitor entrance is at 5403 Elmer Drive. As you enter the Garden, you will see a collection of small buildings, which house our Associate Organizations and TBG staff. You are welcome to park in any designated space in order to begin your Garden experience. We also have a visitor entrance off of Bancroft Street, which provides closer access to the Grand Allee and Perennial Garden. There is no public drive connecting the two entrances.

Maps of the Garden are available at Seasons Gift Shop & Visitor Center and in our kiosk between the circular parking lot and conference center.

Much of the plant life in the Garden is labeled with both scientific and common names, either on a plaque set in the ground near the plant or on a tag hanging from a low branch. If you have a horticulture question while you are at the Garden, please ask the staff members and volunteers you come across and we will do our best to assist you. Or, call the OSU Extension Master Gardener Hotline, located on Bancroft Street at (419) 578-6783.

The Garden is all outdoors and is all walking (no driving). There are many paved paths on the grounds, but some gardens may only be enjoyed by traveling on uneven dirt, grass, or gravel. However, the Garden is still handicap accessible. At this time, we do not rent wheelchairs or scooters.  And no pets allowed.

Enjoy your visit to Toledo Botanical Garden!