Flower Festivals You Have to See in 2019

It seems the winter is here to stay, but if you already dream of petal snow and bursts of color, start thinking about the biggest flower festivals around the country in advance and get planning. You can find events celebrating various blooms from late winter all the way through summer. Wherever you choose to go this year, plan to spend a few days at that location to really enjoy the blooms and to make sure no bad weather will get in your way – it can't rain forever after all.


1. Tulip Time Festival May 5-13 in Holland, Michigan

violet tulips

If you don't have a luxury of traveling to Holland in the Old Continent, do the second best thing and come to Michigan. This is hands down the largest concentration of tulips in North America, where about 5 million of Dutch inspired tulips entertain visitors with color show in May.

The fields consist of 6 miles of tulip rows, which can be enjoyed on foot or from the trolley. Once you get enough pictures taken, enjoy parades with traditional Dutch clothing and hand-made wooden shoes on display. Finish the festivities with fireworks after dark.

This festival is one of 20 best events in the world, so come to take it all in!

2. Camellia Walks at Middleton Place February-March, Charleston, SC

Middleton Place is included in National Historical Landmark list and is the oldest landscaped garden in the United States. It was established by French botanist Andre Michaux in 1786 with the first camellias being brought here. Some of those ancient bushes still bloom along thousands of newer plants. The grounds are bursting in whites, pinks, reds, and every shade in between from mid-February to the end of March. You can take in all the sites and scents on your own or join a guided tour.

3. International Cherry Blossom Festival in Macon, Georgia, May 16-25

In 1949 one Macon businessman found a blossoming cherry in this backyard and shared some branches with others. Today you will find 300,000 of them in Macon, making it an unexpected cherry capital. Locals love their cherries and celebrate them with free concerts, parades, and a bed race. Yes, bed race, where people with blossoms in their hair travel the streets on their mattresses – a strangely beautiful site.

4. National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C, March 20-April 15

3,000 cherry trees were given to US in 1912 by Japanese people. Today you will find over 3,700 trees of 16 varieties along the Potomac River and around national monuments. The first festival took place in 1953 and got so big that it now attracts over 1.5 million visitors each year.

You can spend your time walking or take in the beauty of those trees from the river via water taxis, cruise boats, or paddle boards. Instagrammers can even take tours with professional photographers and learn a thing or two. Afterwards join the festivities in cherry blossom parade and Japanese street festival.

5. Lighted Dogwood Trail in Paducah, Kentucky, April

Come spring, Paducah becomes illuminated with thousands of white and pink four-petaled flowering trees. Dogwoods and other blossoming trees line 12-mile long trail of historic homes. You can walk, bike, or drive the trail that is partially illuminated at night. $1 trolley rides are also available in April.

The trail is known as one of the most beautiful local traditions, complete with art and photography exhibits and markets.

6. Rochester Lilac Festival in Rochester, New York, May 12-21

This ten-day event draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year flocking to see and smell over 1,200 plants in Highland Park. This makes the largest lilac concentration in US. You can rest your eyes and treat you noses on over 500 various varieties of this stunning plant. Frederick Law Olmstead created the park, which grew into the current festival, complete with parades, arts and crafts show, and marketplace, where you will get lilac scented soaps and other gifts galore.

7. Mackinac Island Lilac Festival in Mackinac island, Michigan, June 8-17

The climate of Mackinac Island is perfect for lilacs and they thank for it with exquisite large blossoms and long lives. Some of the bushes here date back to Victorian era and still put out quite a purple show every spring.

The island is car-free, so it's all walking, biking, and touring beautiful historic streets via horse-drawn carriages. You can also enjoy lilac growing seminars and listen to local folk music for complete early summer experience.

8. Peony Festival in Oshawa, Ontario, June 9-10

peonies field

Oshawa Valley Botanical Gardens are famous for their peonies. Over 300 varieties grow and thrive there coloring June with a mixture of reds, burgundies, pinks, and whites. This festival crowns the blossoming season and invites art lovers from all over the world to join art exhibits and peony judges who take their time and expertise to judge the most spectacular blooms every year.