Garden Etiquette

Toledo Botanical Garden is a living museum with a code of etiquette that we ask our visitors to respect. For the safety and enjoyment of all of our guests and our property, we thank you for following the guidelines below:

Domestic animals are not allowed at the Garden, due to the threat they pose to our carefully tended botanical collections and resident wildlife. Service animals are permitted, if kept on paths and out of garden beds.

Bicycles, skates, scooters, skateboards and other similar equipment are prohibited. You may leave these items, at your own risk, on the bike rack (located between the Garden Club Forum and Blair Museum of Lithophanes) upon entering the Garden.

Please do not remove any plant life from the Garden. Some species are very fragile, so take caution when touching blooms, leaves, branches, etc. Additionally, please walk only on paths, paved surfaces and lawn areas, not through planted beds or wooded areas. Do not stand or sit in any garden bed for photos, etc.

Please obey all signage on the grounds, such as “Do Not Enter”, “Authorized Vehicles Only” and “Do Not Feed the Birds”.

Please take care of our planet by cleaning up after yourself and either taking your waste with you or making use of our limited trash and recycling receptacles situated throughout the grounds.

No active sports or games, such as football, soccer, golf club swinging, kite flying, etc., are allowed at the Garden.

Please do not swim, wade, fish, or throw objects in any of the water features.

We ask that you respect any private events that may be taking place at the Garden during your visit (i.e., weddings) and temporarily avoid those areas until the event has ended.

Given Toledo Botanical Garden’s association with Metroparks of the Toledo Area, please be considerate of any additional guidelines as stipulated on the Metroparks’ web site at

Thank you for taking care of this beautiful community treasure. Enjoy your visit!